Vallartas Malecon

One of my favorite things about Vallarta is the way it come alive at night. Around 8 PM as everyone is finishing dinner or sunset drinks – the stroll begins. That is the stroll along the Malecon – ( the walk along the water in downtown). This stretch of sidewalks used to be divided by the road with lots of car traffic and was the local spot for “cruising” and showing off your modified car and its load speakers – that has all changed this year.

┬áThe area has now become a wonderful walking mall – closed to all car traffic that is now diverted to the back streets. Now people stroll – all along this half mile stretch of beachfront sidewalk. May holding hands – kids running and playing – people walking dogs and big family groups all walking and talking together. The street is alive with life and love and families. I love to walk this stretch of of land and watch as the shops bustle with people shopping and the bars and restaurants buzz with action. I walk to the end of the Malecon to the Kites sculpture and explore the little local food booths and hungry or not not – I have to buy a taco of local spiced meat. I take my time walking back along the beach and usually find a table at the window of one of my favorite spots either Bodega del Medio or La Paloma – where I always have a nightcap and watch the scene. It’s my happy place and I wish someday to spend every evening just that way!!

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